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bumgenius AIO - how to wash?

I bought 3 BumGenius deluxe, the AIO version with the sewn in liner they have on clearance for $10 right now. This One to be exact. 

I've only used fitted diapers so far, mostly Tiny Tush, and they wash up beautifully. This is my first time using AIOs. When I pull the fitteds out of the dryer they smell wonderful, no detergent smell or anything, but these AIO's have a very faint smell to them... Its faint, but there. I'm worried they're not getting as clean as the fitteds.

I pre-rinse them by hand in a bucket of cold water, then wash them on hot with cloth diaper safe detergent, and rinse them with vinegar. I pull the AIO's inside out to expose the built in liner. I dry in the dryer because I live in MN and its winter. I've used/washed them about 7 times now, I have a small stash so I wash daily.  I prepped them as according to the instructions they came with. I even rinsed the extra extra good by hand in the cold water  trying to figure this out, but it didn't make a difference.

They don't down right stink or anything... its just that compared to my fitteds, they don't smell as fresh & clean. Just this slight hint of something, not sure what the smell is. My non-cloth friend thought I was absolutly crazy last night because I was just smelling and smelling this diaper, lol. Is there a secret to washing AIOs? Or is it just a natural difference in the cotton fabric in my fitteds vs the fabric in the AIOs. Are all AIOs this way?

By the way, what is the fabric they use in the bumgenius anyway (other than the pul), does anyone know? The website does not specify.


We are a Bum Genius household. We do a cold wash/soak, hot wash and hot rinse. We've found the only detergent that really works and truly keeps them smelling fresh is Rockin' Green. It's amazing stuff.
I used BG AIO ORganics for the entire time my little bug was in diapers. Because of having Psoriasis in the household, I can only use All Free in Clear (I think - it is the one recommended by dermatologists has no scent or harsh chemicals). I never had a problem with order. Every 3 mos or so I would do the "Dawn wash" as directed.

wash in 2 tablespoons of Dawn dishwashing liquid (I used the blue one). Then run through another complete wash with no soap what so ever. this removes any build-up from creams/lotions and removes and residual saop from the regular wash.

As to you question about the material on the inside of BG AIOs. It is a polyester/cotton material especially formulated to help with absorbency.

This is why I went with the organic version, 100% organic cotton. I was not sure if little bug was going to have skin issues like Daddy because of psoriasis. He can not be wear polyester or be near it. It reacts with his skin.
What does your little bug's skin look like when he reacts to polyester???? Because my son becomes irritated and red in his diaper area when wearing these, then clears up in 1/2 a day when I switch back to the cotton diapers. I hadn't realized someone could be allergic to polyester, but my son is very sensitive and reacts to most skin care products.
Well she itches like crazy and gets red and since she is verbal, will say off or try to take it off.

The hubby has psoriasis and reacts badly to polyester. If it is higher than 35% polyester, his skin "crawls" and he cannot rip the item off fast enough. Needless to say we are a cotton/wool/bamboo family.

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