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Hoping to start CD soon

Hello all, I just joined here...
DS is about 3 1/2 months old and soon we will be moving to a new apt where we will have access to our own W/D. We've been putting off cloth diapers until then since we only get to do laundry once per week at my in-law's house. Sometimes we have to skip a week, and it is really inconvenient, and I just didn't think it would be the best way to start cloth diapering.
So, my question is that before this move, I want to get an idea of what to go with. I've been looking on cottonbabies.com and a few other websites for price comparison, but I was thinking that I want to try a few different options first.
I'm familiar with pre-folds and covers, as that's what my parents used with my baby brother 10 years ago. They had a diaper service though, and never really had to worry about washing them and they got the first set of covers for free. I've been looking around, but I really don't know what/where to buy something like those with all the different options available. They also had those snappies things that the diaper company they used gave them for free.
Then I keep reading about these pocket and AIO diapers. The AIO sounds like it would be easier.
I guess I'm wondering what would be the most economical way to start this, and would it be better to do pre-folds with a cover or something like an AIO (or similar). Also, I haven't seen the type of covers they used with my little brother. He had ones that basically pulled up and over, no velcro or snaps needed. I take it these aren't common anymore?
And I almost forgot to ask, I'm not sure how much he weighs, but DS is loosely fitting into 6mo size clothing. Honestly, he's not really filling them out, it's just because he's SO long ~27/28in @15 weeks old. Most days he's pretty skinny with the occasional bloat right before he has a massive poop. What does this mean for diaper size? If it helps, he's fitting pretty well into the size 2 disposables right now. Should I try a one size diaper? I want to make this as easy and economical as possible, but I want it to be comfortable for my little guy too.
FWIW, hubby has given me the go-ahead to get something as long as it's not too pricey, and I was considering trying out a few different options, maybe one or two of the top recommended to see which we like best.


AIO's take longer to dry in the dryer and don't absorb as much because you can't stuff in extra inserts.

If you act fast, you can get bumgenius pockets at cottonbabies in their seconds sale: http://www.cottonbabies.com/index.php?cPath=51
My oh my did those sell out super fast! I added some to my cart, went to check out, decided to add a few more, and the first ones were already gone LOL!
I have been doing a series on cloth diaper info if you want to check it out. I have prefolds, fitteds & covers so far, I am going to do a pockets post in the next few days: http://ameyawarde.blogspot.com/search/label/Cloth%20Diapers%20101

For us (we are also economical CDers) we found that prefolds/thirsties duo covers were the best option for the newborn, and as baby got bigger, we favor SmartiPants pockets (also the cheapest pockets, yay!) and Mother-ease One-Size fitteds (the cheapest fitteds i've seen!) & Thirsties Duo covers (size 2 to fit over the one size dipes.)Our son is really skinny too.

Both of those are one-size so we just have those & won't have to buy any other sizes. Right now we have 6 Smartipants (but just ordered 4 more) and 2 Mother-ease (ordered 1 more) and some prefolds we still use but he is quickly outgrowing. I don't think they are any less comfortable than fitted diapers at all. :) The smartipants are ~14$ per dipe (or save a few dollars if you buy them in 3 packs) and the mother ease are ~12$ So, we love them! And duos are just 12ish bucks too.

The kind of covers you describe on your brother, pull up covers can be found still, but they are usually made of wool or fleece. the "regular" covers now snap or velcro, which i personally find worlds better.

just my .02! :)
Yeah, the pull up ones they used on my younger brother (if I remember correctly, though it was a good 8-9 years ago now, he just turned 10 yesterday) seemed almost vinyl or nylon or something. It was plasticky though. The wool/fleece options sound WAY nicer.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to price those out.
I have noticed some places starting to keep cloth diaper options in stock (diapers.com is currently running a special on g-diapers and BRU carry them in the store by my house).
I'm going to have to keep my eyes open in the coming weeks for sales and whatnot. I think I also may not be so picky as to stick to just one brand, lol. If we find something that works and is on sale, great, if something else works and happens to be on sale, great too. I'm so cheap, but we don't have a ton of flexible income right now, hence why I'm trying to switch over from the disposable diapers.
When I first decided to try CD'ing, I did the diaper trial at Jillian's Drawers: http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/products/clothdiapers/tryclothfor10/tryclothfor10

It's a comprehensive/quick way to try out all the different styles, and the best part is that you can return the ones you decide you don't like. If you keep all of them (this is what I ended up doing) you get a 10% refund, and free shipping on your next order. I recommend it all the time, because I think it's such a cool idea. The site sells the returned diapers at a discount, too, so it's a good place to pick up barely used diapers for good prices.
That definitely seems worth trying out, but I've got to see if my hubby's willing to spring for that much up front. Seems like a great idea though.
Be sure to stress that they're returnable, so you're really paying a rental fee.

If you're worried about initial cost, prefolds and covers will likely be your best bet. The prefolds are $1 or $2 each, and you can get used covers for $5-8 each or new for $10-14. (I like Thirsties covers a lot) Take the number of diapers you use in a day, multiply it by 3, and that's about how many prefolds you'll need. I only used this system during the newborn stage, but I think I was going through 2 covers per day, so you'd need 5 or 6 covers. That would be laundry twice a week or so (every 3rd day). You could buy a full stash for around $100.

Since the newborn stage (3 months or so) we've used pocket diapers (bum genius one size). We have 18 of these, and we wash twice per week. It's expensive (and AIOs are comparable) with each diaper costing about $18 new, our full stash was about $300, but they've lasted from 3 months till now, and he'll be two next month.

If you want to ease into it, you might be best served to start with prefolds and covers, and buy AIOs as you can afford to add them in. I personally liked the one size diapers best, because I'm too lazy to buy a full set of diapers in multiple sizes. (I definitely don't have as much fun with diaper buying as some moms do!)
This is really great info and definitely things we need to know. I might skip over the prefolds, but even so, that's what they used with my youngest brother until he was nearly 2.
LOL, I must be lazy wanting the easy way out, but the one size pockets do sound like they're my style, even if it's slightly more laundry time (stuffing and whatnot). And I've heard loads of positive reviews about the bum genius now, so I'm definitely leaning that way.
Out of curiosity, was there anything in particular you like more about the bum genius compared to the fuzzi bunz?
The beginning of CD'ing is overwhelming...it's great that there are so many options, but until you really get into it, it's just so confusing. I totally remember that stage, so I like to help people sort things out :)

I think the main reason we went with the BGs over the fuzzi bunz was the one size thing. FBs are sized, I believe. I wanted to buy one set and be done. We looked at happy heinies too, which are awesome diapers (and cuter than BGs) but the legs didn't work for our skinny kid, he just leaked right out. HHs have a softer leg opening, while the BGs are really severely edged.

Stuffing does take a bit more time, but we never stuff in advance, we just have a dresser drawer devoted to the diapers and grab what we need for each change. When baby#2 makes her appearance in a few months, we'll lose the drawer and just start keeping them in a basket in our room. I'd love to have a nicely sorted/folded stash, but it's just not me.

The BGs are great diapers. At 2 years old, we're replacing the velcro (the weakest link of the dipes, IMO) with snaps, so DS can wear them till he's potty trained. We just bought another 18 for DD, so she'll be in them till she's potty trained, too.

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