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Hi all!

I was excited to find this community (won't get accepted to clothdiapering due to lack of personal journal use)because I have a few newbie questions about cloth diapering.

I am currently thinking of getting into cloth because I think it could cut down on our costs. From what I've seen, I was thinking that Econobums would be my best choice for what I need (cheap and simple). Does this brand work well? What are your experiences?

However, the family and my my hubby think it would be way too much hassle. Hubby thinks the cost of cleaning the dipes would be equal to that of using disposables. Are there any sites that break down and compare the costs? I haven't had any luck with google.

Also, he thinks there might be negative things happening to our washer/dryer. Blah, not much support for this idea of mine.

Any advice for dealing with SO's that are against cloth? A way to convert them? Just smack them in the head? ;)

Thank you so much for your help!

ETA: Am I correct in thinking that all you need to do is provide a wetbag and diapers for a daycare and it is fine?


I personally use the Kawaii brand that I got from theluvyourbaby.com - they were 20 for $120. She is in Canada and my shipment took 5 weeks to get to me, but I really like them. I have a few other brands (Bum Genius 3.0, Fuzzi Buns, Smartipants, Flip), and these are what I like best.
Oh and I have not noticed any jump in our water bill/electricity bill! We do diaper wash every other day, and it's just 1 load.
Thanks for the reassurance about the utility bills. Are the Kawaii brand prefolds/covers? Thanks!
They're all-in-ons, and come with 2 microfiber inserts. I like the square tab ones for night and the round tab ones for day (she mixed the pack for me).
That is a good price for an AIO. I'll defintely check it out.

Kawaii Diapers

Hey, I wanted to say thanks for the heads up about the Kawaii Diapers. I got some and we've been using them for the week. I was SO surprised when it took 2 weeks for delivery! We LOVE them, they are good diapers for a great price. My hubby likes them too. :):)
I haven't noticed any significant increase in our water or electricity bills, just a small increase in the amount or work I do around the house.

I have 3 econobum prefolds and one cover but I haven't used them yet (I have a plethora of diapers). I do love regular prefolds so I'm sure I will like these too!
That's good to know about the bills. I keep getting told that the bill will skyrocket.

Just out of curiousity, which dipes are your favorite?
For my son who is 11 weeks, prefolds 100%. They are soooo easy to use.

My daughter (2 now) is/was a super soaker so fitteds or pockets worked best for us. I had mainly fuzzi bunz for her with a handful of muttaquin fitteds.
It's difficult to break down the cleaning cost, but typically the cost is about $60-$100 a year including detergent, water and electricity. I THINK. You'd have to look at your bills.

Cloth diaper all your kids for $600

Disposable diaper one child for $3500

3 years in cloth is about $300 in cleaning. $600+$300 does not even come close to $3500
Thanks for the numbers. Having more concrete (as much as it will be) numbers may be a way to convince the hubby :)
Here is a break down for the cloth diapers alone: http://yellowitchgrl.livejournal.com/547833.html#cutid1

Typically the guys see that and their jaws drop ;-)
I showed him and he's beginning to see things my way. Money talks. Thanks for the link
I have econobums, Two kids, 4 months and 2.5 years. They work great for the 4 month old, They really are not made to pin but I do anyways because I like the way they fit beter. They work ok for my 2.5 year old. He is a REALLY heavy wetter so I have to change him every 1.5 hours at the most. I have 2 pocket diapers for him that I LOVE, but can't afford any more right now. DO NOT BUY POCKETS FROM EBAY CALLED PAPOOSE> These leak soo bad, BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART. I would get 6 covers just in case and about 24 prefolds. it's around $100 for that on the econobum website. I switched from sposies becuase they were getting to expensive. As for cost my water bill has not gone up. I wash every other day, 1 load, it's awasome. And yes a wetbag (or dry bag with a zipper) works just fine for daycare. Juat make sure they know to change every 2 hours, depending on houw much your baby wets. As for converting others, your right, smack them up side the head. I just did it, everyone i know was telling me im crazy, But who is saving money now, hahahahaha, Good idea on switching. My husband jumped on board because he really had no choice. He just wont take care of the poopie diapers, he throws in the bathroom next to the toilet and makes me deal with them. Good luck, Oh and if the baby is a heavy wetter, and you can afford it look into hemp inserts, they are awasome and really absorbent, just expencive to start up. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the feedback. We wound up with ipfs, pockets' and fitteds. We have been using kawaii pockets. They are cheap and never ever leak. Http://theluvyourbaby.com. I cannot rec them enough!
wow i feel so smart, i just relized the dates of entry at the bottom.... New to this website. well good for you!!!

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