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I'm 25 wks pregnant , with our second child. i'm very interested in cloth diapering and am looking for any helpful information. are there any websites or books that i can find, like what specific type of detergent to use or make sure what the detergent has or doesn't have in it, which diaper we should use, etc.
Thanks in advance


What you need (minimum for 2 days):
24+ diapers
24+ cloth wipes
wetbags (ideally 2 XL, 1 or 2 M)
Small squirt bottle (like a peri bottle) for water for the wipes (I just get the wipes wet at the sink)

Diapers: I suggest one-size fits all pocket diapers if you can afford them (and you don't have to buy them all at once, a few here and there and you'll get there). Try either bumgenius or fuzzibunz and both can be found here: http://www.cottonbabies.com/

Detergent: It can be checked here: http://pinstripesandpolkadots.com/detergentchoices.htm

Wipes: Can be gotten anywhere from baby wash cloths to super soft bamboo velour from a work-at-home-mom

wetbag: This is MY store so I'm plugging myself. You can find other WAHM's who make wetbags. Definitely suggest zippered wetbags: http://hyenacart.com/sarahsstitches/
2 XL bags so that one goes in the wash and one is still clean. These stay dry, keep the dirty diapers, are completely washable etc. It's the new "pail" system but so much better.
1 or 2 M bags depending on how often you go out of the house.

Hope that helps and fire away if you have more questions!
I used prefold diapers and Country Save detergent. I used 2 dozen newborn, and 2 dozen now that he is one year. I use soft cotton washcloths for poop cleanups and cloth wipes for wet diapers. I just fill a tupperware container with water for wipes and change it daily. I have a couple of all-in-ones for the diaper bag. I've taken to using wool diaper covers at night and PUL (Thirties, they are made in the USA) during the day. I use BabyKicks hemp doublers for overnights, and use ImseVimse and Sposos Easy all-in-ones (they dry faster than other brands I have used), although I am debating getting only SposoEasy in the future since the Imse Vimse irritate my young crawler's legs.

Here is some information I recently summarized for another friend:

Cloth diapers

Nicki’s Diapers: http://www.nickisdiapers.com/

Diaperlab: www.diaperlab.com

GreenMountain diapers: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/





My routine for washing diapers: I use Country Save detergent to wash the diapers. For the first few months, baby’s poop will be liquidy. I used a small grout brush to pre-clean the diaper in the toilet prior to putting it in the washing machine. (Get heavy duty gloves.) All of the poop-y diapers went into a small plastic bucket (and still do), while wet ones just go into a wet bag until laundry day. Diapers are washed twice and may take 2 cycles to dry. Expect to do a load of diaper laundry every 2 days. I try to time ours so the first wash goes on in the early evening; the second wash of the cycle goes on after dinner; and the first dry goes on before I go to bed. The second dry (is shorter) goes on in the morning. I let all diaper covers, wet bags, and all-in-ones air dry. It sounds like a lot, but once you get a routine, it’s not that big a deal.

There are a number of “systems” out there and major-market-share brands, like Bum Genius, gDiapers, and GroVia. gDiapers is a hybrid system that can allow for cloth inserts, which you wash, or disposable inserts, which can be flushed. Most BabiesRUs carry this system. I've never used any so I can't speak to them.

Blogs relating to diapering:



There is a lot of information to read online and it can seem so confusing and overwhelming. But I started cloth diapering 1 month ago and I am so happy I did, I am now in love with it. After doing so much reading, I was shocked at how easy it actually is! Its really simple! Check out my blog, I only post information on how to cloth diaper, including my personal wash routine that is going great so far. I also have a list of all the diaper stuff I had to start out and you'll see its not that much (I am very budget minded).

All you really need is a pail to drop dirty diapers in, some actual diapers, and a diaper safe detergent. Everything else is a personal preference to how much you want to spend on convenience (just like everything else with baby!). Check out all the online lists on safe big brand detergents at the grocery store and there is also a ton of detergent you can buy online made specifically for diapers. I buy my diaper detergent online from a WAHM and it cost the same as the detergent I use to buy at Sams Club (Clean B Detergent - $13 for a bag that will last me about 200 loads).

First experince diapers, I would spend the extra coin and buy a set of either fitted, AI2 (all in two), or AIO (all in one). Choose which ever type you can afford. If you start out only with flats or fitted, you might get frustrated, they have a learning curve. Don't get me wrong though, they are very useful once you get the hang of them :). I use a combination of 4 fitteds, 4 homemade AI2's, and 6 prefolds. You'll need more for a newborn though, they need changing more often than my toddler does. You don't have to buy a whole set, you can buy a few of this and that and only diaper "part time" at first to make sure you like it. Use disposables when you run out of cloth. I started that way and in only 2 weeks I was diapering full time because I loved it so much.

I think the most important thing to cloth diaper success is understanding the wash routine, its were a lot of people get frustrated and give up. You just the need the correct information. Its not hard to take care of your diapers, but you do need to do it correctly or they wont work the way they should.

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