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scooter33 in cloth_dipes_101

Me again:). Thank you all for your input on my previous post.

My brain feels fried, I've been reading all the old posts and websites I can find. And all the details still feel fuzzy! :(

The good news is hubby now sees things my way ;). I have gotten some thirsties covers and now am going to order some prefolds from abbyslane.com.
My questions:
1. Do I want regular prefolds or premium? I want them to last as long as possible.
2. What is a cheap alternative for a wetbag? I don't have the funds to get one atm.

Thank you so much! Hopefully I can CD within the week!


You want to get the one that will fit the best. I don't know how old your child is... are you pregnant? If you have a small baby, then getting a massive diaper is going to be a problem.

Wetbags: http://hyenacart.com/sarahsstitches/index.php?c=53&p=45390

Sorry, I was spacing the last time you posted. 10% off with the code: LJE
If you can't afford that, email me and we'll work out what you can afford. yellowitchgrl@gmail.com
Thank you, I will check out your site ;)

Baby boy will be 5 month on Monday and weighs 13 lbs.
Are these the ones you're talking about? http://www.abbyslane.com/catalog.php?category=17

I think you can go with the Premium. They're only slightly bigger than the regular


Thanks! I keep second guessing myself as to what he would need in terms of absorbancy. I'm oddly excited about getting them ordered.

Re: thanks:)

I was the same way! I totally get it :-)

Your Site

Oh! I ordered some wetbags off your site, yay! I missed that link to the cheaper ones somehow when I first looked :) Can't wait!

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